четверг, 2 марта 2017 г.

Feedreader 3.14 Beta 2 released

We have added basic offline support. It's good if you are going somewhere where you have a lot of time and no internet at all ;). A summer cottage, bus or plane is an example although at least in Estonia we have wifi even in intercity buses ;). You can also use this feature if you have slow internet connection because you can let Feedreader to preload all articles.

This feature turned out pretty cool. We did not want to over-engineer it and tried to keep it simple. Basically we save remote web pages (those webpages that are linked from articles title) to database. By default we do not save any images to make things run fast and smoothly. If you want to try out saving articles with images then add downloadwebpagestocache=1 to feedreader.ini. But I warn you that it may not be that smooth experience.

Improvements in Feedreader Online

Dear users, now Feedreader Online has become even better as we have fixed a number of small bugs in search, media file playback and sign-in. Now you can now fully enjoy our Universal Aggregator feature, gathering the contents of all your favorite RSS feeds in one place.

Feedreader Online reinvented

Good day, folks!
After all the hard work we've done over the recent months, we are proud to represent Feedreader Online - a modern “reincarnation” of Feedreader! Renewed, dynamic and neat: it has all the features you need for easy and convenient feed reading.

Feedreader Gets a New Look

Good day, everyone!
We are glad to present you our newly redesigned website that unites the best solutions from Feedreader family: Feedreader Online, Feedreader Lookup and Feedreader Browser. These are the three solutions we're going to concentrate on developing. We hope that you will appreciate our new sleek, smoothed and polished to perfection design.

Get ready for the brand new FeedReader!

Hello, everybody!
Get ready for the brand new FeedReader!
We worked hard during last year to present you the latest creation of our team.
Now it is almost complete. Check our site later this March for a new amazing web service, featuring industry-best RSS search and analysis.